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Here are some of the exotic specials from Pinto caterers. Choose your favorite from below and customize the menu for the party you are planning to throw.

Butter Mutton
Mutton Stew (Green Masala)
Mutton Mughlai
Mutton Mughlai (Hyderabadi)
Mutton Rogan Josh
Muton Pulao

Chicken Stew (Green Masala)
Chicken Indad
Chicken Mughlai
Chicken Mughlai (Hyderabadi)
Butter Chicken
Chicken 65
Chicken Fry
Chicken Pepper Fry
Chicken Manchurian
Chicken Chillie
Chicken Sukka
Chicken LollyPop

Veg Pulao
Sweet Pulao
Veg Fried Rice
Chicken /Mixed Fried Rice
Mutton Biriyani
Chicken Biriyani
Ghee Rice

Idly (Sanna)
Sheviyo (Rice Noodles)
Panpale (Pan Cakes)
Dinner Rolls

Pork Bafat
Pork Chillie (Recipe)
Pork Coorgis
Pork Indad
Pork Manchurian
Pork Pepper
Pork Sorpotel
Pork Chinese Chillie

Gobi Manchurian
Gobi 65
Gobi Chillie
Gobi 22
Mushroom 65
Mushroom 22
Mushroom Chillie
Banana Sukka
Channa Sukka
Paneer Butter Mutter Masala
Mushroom Butter Mutter Masala
Gherkins Cashew Greenpeas Masala
Gherkins Cashew Upkary (Recipe)


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