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Pork -1kg (cut into small cubes)

(1) Masala to grind

Short red chilies -5nos
Long red chilies —8nos
Garlic -12 flakes
Ginger -1 inch
Coriander seeds -1tbsp
Cumin seeds -1tsp
Mustard seeds -3/4th tsp
Turmeric powder -3/4th tsp
Cloves -10nos
Cinnamon -3inches
Cardamom -4nos
Peppercorns -10nos
Tamarind -marble size
Vinegar -2tsp

(2) Masala for frying

Onion -6(medium size)
Green chilies -3nos (slit)
Garlic -1 pod (halved and skinned)
Ginger -1.5 inches (chopped)
Coconut oil for frying -4-5tbsp


Boil pork in a vessel till 90% done. Drain keep aside, do not throw the water.

In a vessel heat oil, fry the masala (2) till transparent, then add the ground masala, fry till the oil leaves the side.

Add boiled pork pieces, mix, add the boiled water if needed and cook till done

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