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Pork --- 1kg boneless (cut into thick slices)
Onions --- 4nos big (cut into thick slices)
Pepper powder --- 3 to 4 tsp
Curry leaves --- 8figs
Soya sauce --- 5tsp
Tamarind pulp --- 1.5tsp
Salt to taste

(1) Boil pork slices in salt till tender. Drain water

(2) Fry pork slices without oil in a kadai

(3) Keep about 2tbsp oil in the same kadai (left over after frying). sauté

onions and half of the curry leaves for about 2-3 minutes .

(4) Put in the fried pork pieces, pepper powder, Soya sauce, remaining curry

leaves and a little left over pork boiled water and salt to taste, cook for some time till dry. See that the onions are slightly crunchy to eat.

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