Good Eating Habits  
Healthy Eating  
Food according to season  


There are a number of important factors for maintaining good health, related to the diet. This includes foods eaten, time difference between two meals, combination and quantity of foods, cleanliness and proper eating.

  • Food should be fresh, hot, tasty and easy to digest.
  • There should be at least a four hour difference between any two meals.
  • Restrict the number of items in one meal. The items taken in one meal should not contradict each other. For example, (milk and orange juice).
  • A feeling of tiredness or heaviness in the stomach after eating, indicates improper eating practices.
  • Food should be taken only when hungry and strictly according to digestive power.
  • Do not eat while watching television or while reading. Eat in peaceful and pleasant surroundings.
  • Do not rush eating or eat too slowly. Chew the food thoroughly.
  • Fruits should not be mixed with meals. Either take a separate meal constituted only of fruits or eat fruits as a snack between two meals.
  • Do not drink water one hour before or after meals though it is fine to drink it in small quantities with meals.


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